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Free web proxy online to easily access blocked websites and surf the Internet anonymously. You can change and hide your IP address, circumvent Internet filters and protect your online privacy. A free web proxy online can be useful to browse websites anonymously and to access commonly blocked websites, such as YouTube, Google and Facebook. This web proxy service is free, share it with your friends to help us become popular! By using this service you agree to the terms of use.

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Frequently blocked sites DrTuber, Reddit, Xossip, Chatroulette

  More details about a web proxy

A web proxy is a valid option to browse the web anonymously and improve your online anonymity for free. When you use an Internet connection, the ISP assigns to the modem or router an IP address that is used to identify your location. Everytime you visit a website, your IP address may be saved in log files on the remote web server, however if you use a web proxy you can protect and hide your IP address quickly and easily. For a better anonymity I would recommend you to buy a subscription for a reliable VPN service, that can also encrypt all the Internet traffic!

  Try Google Public DNS, its free!

Another free alternative to unblock access to websites blocked in your computer is to simply edit your network settings and change your default DNS servers with Google Public DNS. Doing this you may be able to bypass some Internet filters and in some cases you may also browse websites faster, since the Google Public DNS is a very reliable service offered directly by the giant Google. This method does not work always, but it is free and it is definitely worth a try!

  Not satisfied ? try a VPN service

If you are not satisfied with none of the options above, you should buy a yearly plan of a good VPN provider (such as HideMyAss) to improve your online anonymity by encrypting the traffic of every application that connects to Internet, so it cannot be sniffed by prying eyes! The usage of a VPN service is a better choice compared to a free web proxy in terms of anonymity, however you have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription to use a VPN service.

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